Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How to order the transfer?

The order of the transfer consists of three stages – selection of the route and type of the car, specifying details of the trip and performing the payment.

How long before the transfer I can make the order?

Not less than 18 hours before the departure time. If until your trip are less than 18 hours left, please contact us, we will try to help.

How I will find my driver?

The driver will meet you with a poster with your name written on it. If delivery from the airport has been ordered, the driver will meet you at the exit of the airport’s arrivals area. If you are driving from the hotel, the driver will wait for you in the lobby of the hotel.

How to specify the pick-up time?

When you are driving FROM the aiport, please, indicate the time of arrival as on your ticket. The driver will take into account your flight number. When you are driving TO the airport, subtract from the time of departure (it appears on your ticket) 3 hours and the driving time (it appears on the webpage). For example, if you have the departure at 15:00 and driving time 1 hour, then you need to specify the pick-up time at 11:00.

Methods of payment

We accept VISA and MasterCard credit card prepayments, as well as payments via PayPal. These are absolutely safe and convenient internet payment methods.

How to specify the address?

Please, indicate address of the hotel or place of destination. You can copy address from the hotel booking voucher. If you are not sure about correct address the driver will ask you to explain, where exactly you want to be delivered. The transfer price includes the transfer within the city limits.

Price per car or per passenger?

The price is specified per car. It does not depend on the number of passengers. For each car type the space for passengers and standart baggage amount is specified.

Do I have to pay extra for waiting?

In a case of flight delay waiting at the airport up to 90 minutes is for free – if longer every next hour costs 25 €

What to do if you have arrived before the time?

If you have arrived before the time of transfer, it is possible the driver is still on the way. Please, stand not far away from the exit of the airport’s arrivals area and wait for your driver. You can write him a SMS that you are already waiting for him in the arrivals area.

How to check your booking details?

After you have successfully accomplished your transfer booking, details of booking will be sent to the e-mail address specified by you.

What class of car should I choose?

For each class of cars in the results list is specified the number of passengers and items of baggage. For your better understanding in the list you can find examples of models of cars representing the corresponding class of cars. When you select the class of car, take into consideration the number of passengers and volume of the baggage, as well as comfort you are expecting.


We guarantee that our client support team and our driver himself will take all efforts to meet you at your desired place. The driver will have your contact data. You will have the phone number of our client support team manager and driver. Important! In order to minimize the risks, please keep your mobile phone turned on. We cooperate with reliable companies specializing in transfers, and we work constantly to provide the highest quality of our services.

What to do if the driver has not arrived?

The situation in which the driver has not arrived happens extremely rare, often due to the fact, that it is impossible to find or contact the driver at the airport. In this case, we recommend to wait 15 - 30 minutes – it is possible the driver has been stuck in a traffic jam. If the driver does not arrive within 30 minutes, please, take a taxi at the airport or hotel’s reception. After your travel, please, contact us immediately and we will reimburse you the difference in price. In order that we can reimburse you, please, keep the receipt.

How long before the transfer I can postpone or cancel my transfer order?

You can postpone or cancel your transfer order no later than 24 hours before the transfer.

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